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Advancing Telecommunications has been greatly important for decades already, with applications that concern Information, Transport, Healthcare, Sustainability, and Military. We consider Radio Systems, Remote Sensing, and Networking as three fundamental research directions that are crucially important for developing Telecommunications. This is not only because much research avtivities and governmental / business spendings can be observed in these areas but also because we believe that scientific progress there would enable useful innovations that concern Telecommunications.

Hence, we see research challenges in the following directions: Wireless Telecommunications and Networking; Electromagnetic Waves and Fields; Electronics and Photonics; Remote Sensing and Data Interpretation; Context Awareness. With regard to these areas, we see a number of croscutting application-driven research directions, among which are the following: Green Radio Communications; Remote Sensing and Environment; Wireless Telecommunications and Military Applications; Remote Sensing and Defence; Tele-Medicine Applications; Context Aware Mobility Solutions. This motivates our strategic interest in collaborating with the Interdisciplinary Institute for Collaboration and Research on Enterprice Systems and Technology (IICREST) on the organization of the ICTRS scientific conference (Telecommunications and Remote Sensing) as well as our goal in establishing and maintaining close partnership with the International Union of Radio Science (URSI). .

This inspired us to establish the Association for Radio Systems and Intelligent Telecommunications (ARSIT), domicled in Bulgaria and developing in very close collaboration with Greece. Further, ARSIT has been receiving expert support from its extended network to France, Japan, and The Netherlands.